Friday, May 14, 2010

So a Blog, eh? Why? Like, blinkin blogs n stuff?

hate mass emails, and I hate having years of amazing images and such under my belt that I feel people should see (love, loathe, vomit, boner, moisten, cringe, fume over...). Every other nincompoopface has a blog, so why shouldn't I?

Here is what my blog will do:
1. It will update on my current location, and how absurd and/or awesome wherever it is may be.
2. It will act as a look into my often inappropriate past through videos and photos I don't want to put directly on my "website". (A blog is not a website, it's a blog. There is no professional credibility on these things). Videos yet to come: Tour of ranch with dead fox, drive through orders for hours on end, changing signs, tipping things over, throwing poop at stuff... whatever.
3. It will house some old writings.
4. If I like something, and I think people who read this would too (videos of tickled slow loris', or that one video of that dog humping that goose... man that's rich) then I will put that up here also.
5. If I see a movie, like Ong Bak 3, in Bangkok the day it's released, then I might write a review. Or if I see a concert, like Weird Alapalooza, or something, then I will probably talk about it, or BLOG about it here.

for now, here is a totally appropriate video I made about 5 years ago. It's great:

And this is usually the state of my life. photo: Espen Lystad

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