Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer JAMZ, part Uno

Summer’s pretty much here, and so are the summer jamz. I stumbled upon my first favorite summer audible jamooshka the other day. Diplo mashed together Major Lazer and La Roux, for what will assuredly be the daggering album of the season. It’s filled with boombastic pelvis thumping jammage. To the brim.

Click HERE for the Zip file through Yousendit. Diplo was giving it away, and so shall I! It’s called Lazerproof. DUH!

Oh, and here’s the dance of the season too:

Daggering. It’s kind of like horny retarded kids on a construction site.

how to dance reggae: new style called "DAGGERING" from Skerrit Bwoy on Vimeo.

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